Designing a Fitness Program Based on Your Goals


“Fit” is a very broad term, so we need to define what type of fitness. If we get too broad we tend to lose focus, try to do too much, or get discouraged because we are not seeing the type of results we wanted. So, let’s hone in and figure out what we want!

For instance, if you want bigger biceps, cycling is not going to accomplish that goal. You need to be strength training aka “Pump some iron” (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice). Let’s say you want to run a marathon… a bunch of biceps curls is not going to get you across the finish line. I hate to break it to you but you’re going to have to run… A LOT!

For almost any fitness-related goal, we will need some facet of cardio and strength training but based on your goal you will need to bias one of the other. If building muscle mass is your goal put more focus on resistance training. If your goal is sport specific such as running a marathon or doing a triathlon you will focus on training for the sport + 2 days of strength training per week to supplement your goal. 

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