How Effective Are USANA Products

Salt Lake City, Utah is the hub for research and development for the wellness industry so when there is a multitude of suppliers for a health product one has to ask: How effective Are USANA Products when there are so many to choose from?

Well, read on!

USANA has a wide range of nutritional and skin care products designed to support overall health and well-being.

Their vitamin and supplement range includes their flagship product, USANA HealthPak, a comprehensive blend of USANA’s top products which are a blend of powerful nutrients curated to support your body’s health and well-being and tested for quality and purity.

USANA’s R and D team has created a beautiful range for the skin called Celavive. They boast about its natural ingredient list and results are evidence-based. Celavive has become a leading line of natural skincare and one to add to your regime.

USANA most recent entry into the market is USANA Active Nutrition. This product line is designed for the health-focused person who cares about what ingredients enter their body.

USANA Active Nutrition

As USANA’s Active Nutrition range was evolving, the research and development scientists and senior leadership team tendered out to a variety of different food manufacturing companies to support the production of their new range.

After an extensive search, USANA’s quality control division failed to find a suitable supplier which met the strict guidelines and quality standards USANA demanded.

It was decided they needed to develop their own state-of-the-art production facility.

They continued to build a new 43,000-square-foot beast of a production line to support their own food line.

USANA now houses two major manufacturing plants on its campus which include 7 high-speed tablet pressing machines with one of these machines able to produce over 500,000 high-quality nutritional capsules each hour.

USANA’s new food production machines can manufacture over 300 nutritional bars per minute, pack and seal 25 bags of protein powders and meal replacements per minute which support their weight management product line USANA Nutrimeal and pack 60 single serve nutrimeal sachet pouches every 60 seconds.

Impressive. But surely, the quality must be dropped when such high volumes are produced?

USANA. A Big Step In Leading Quality.

USANA have chosen to manufacture their products to pharmaceutical grade. Their facilities are FDA Registered, GMP Certified by USP and NSF.

All of USANA’s range of products are held to high safety standards and have chosen to have their range tested independently (on demand and at any stage across the production line) to ensure they not only meet but exceed the 3rd party quality control standards these companies put in place.

These include ingredient quarantining while testing for contaminants plus this also includes in-depth product testing for potency, uniformity, and bioavailability. This insures the product you are receiving meets the strict USP standards.

During USANA’s impressive career as a leading nutritional supplier and after annual testing by independent advisory companies, there has not been one compromised product or ingredient incident recorded.

As the years roll by, USANA has won over 750 local, regional, and global awards. These awards range from local Utah Business Awards, global Communicator and Digital Awards, and regional Product Innovation Excellence awards.

So how effective are USANA products? They have taken out Best of State several times, won Medical Healthcare awards, developed numerous technology patents and even own their own state-of-the-art medical institute in Baja California, Sanoviv.

USANA has been recognized as one of the most reliable companies, with not one product recall in their 30 + year career.

USANA Cellsential Product Nutritionist Review

USANA’s leading product in over 30 countries around the world.

USANA Cellsentials

I have been taking USANA products for over 17 years and my family for longer. I was introduced to them by my sister-in-law who is a Dr of Osteopathy and was using them in her practice as an Osteopath.

I was consulting privately as a Nutritionist at a clinic in my hometown. You could say, I was familiar with supplements and the role they played in the body, but I had some reservations about USANA.

So how effective are USANA Products? Did they meet the standards that I had read products should be manufactured to?

I was generally spending about $100 on generic vitamin supplements from a variety of different health retailers and another $80 or $90 on protein powders from a sports shop.

I was under the impression at the time, that all supplements were ‘generally’ created equal and that the most expensive, should be the best. The more I read about the efficacy of USANA, the more I was embarrassed about my vitamin choices over the years.

One thing I did know. You were not able to get all your spectrum of nutrients from food alone which is why I supplemented vitamins.

I knew this early on in my study but also it was confirmed by my Gran, who in her late 90’s shared with me that she too had been supplementing her diet since the 1920s, long before ‘supplements’ were a thing.

My Gran used to place Lecithin and Dolomite powder on her cereal in the morning, including wheatgerm at times also. She never smoked, hardly consumed alcohol, exercised, and stretched daily, she was always happy, never got mad, and ensured she ate her fair share of vegetables.

Food for thought!

So for me, you can supply me with all the supporting evidence and science in the world, but when a 99-year-old who lived through 2 World Wars tells you what they ate and supplemented with, you tend to listen, then duplicate.

In saying that, I didn’t supplement my cereal with dolomite powder and lecithin, I just stuck with my steel-cut oats and organic blueberries, and frozen mango but trusted I received similar health benefits from my breakfast.

But I digress. The USANA Cellsentials has been instrumental in helping support my health and well-being and the health of my Gran when I introduced them to her also.

The blood work that I had each year was perfect, and my cholesterol levels were reduced. My LDL (the bad cholesterol production) decrease and my HDL (the good cholesterol) increased.

Although I wasn’t sure if the Cellsentials had this effect on my cholesterol levels I did feel the USANA’s Hepasil Products, which helps the detoxing process in the Liver, helped with this.

And we need all the help we can get after the way our agricultural practices are these days.

The USANA Cellsentials come in 2 bottles. Antioxidants and MultiMinerals. If I had the recommended dosage of 8 vitamins a day – and by the way, Dr. Wentz, the founder of USANA, when he suggests a dosage, my advice is to take note. Being a leading scientist in the area of Microbiology, he knows a thing or two about cells.

Dr. Wentz has kept human cells alive, outside the body in Petri dishes for over 30 years using ‘just nutrition’ alone. Like my Gran, he knows what works.

But USANA dosage was 2 x Antioxidant and 2 x Multiminerals twice daily. Hard at first…it tends to get easier especially when you start to experience the true health benefits.

Pros and Cons of USANA Cellsentials

USANA Cellsentials

Given the demand, our bodies experience day to day. The demand to feed them the right type of food has had its challenges. We live in a world full of convenience. Just look at the state of the nation with its obesity issues.

We are fed. But we are not nourished.

USANA doesn’t combat the obesity issue, this has to do with our environment and the choices we make daily. But USANA Cellsentials provide the nutrients our bodies are not getting from the food we take in.

Given our choices. Our cells are starving of the critical nutrients they need to combat degenerative disease. The symptoms our bodies are providing us present themselves in the form of joint pain, headaches, excema, bloatedness, and digestive issues.

Reviewing our diet first is important. Supplementing a good diet then comes second.

Let’s Start With the Cons

The problem most people have had when I discuss a new health approach is remembering to consume their products twice per day.

USANA Vitamins are food and water-soluble, meaning you need food and water to ensure bioavailability. You need to take your vitamin supplements first thing with breakfast, and at dinner in the evening.

Many people find this a challenge. I would suggest placing your Cellentials by your toothbrush. Sorted.

You have your breakfast and before you leave the house you brush your teeth (I hope) if your vitamins are there, then you will remember to consume them.

The same goes for when you go to bed.

The final Con is the price.

USANA can be seen to be expensive when compared to other brands. But mostly, these comparisons aren’t comparing apples to apples.

You can’t expect, let’s say Centrum, a cheap commercially produced product that’s pushed out to the chained supermarket brands using inexpensive, synthetic ingredients and a ⅓ of the vitamin and mineral list of other top brands, with little testing and quality control – against a product like USANA Cellsentials.

I heard a leading Cardiologist, Dr. Gerald Lewis suggest it’s like comparing a Toyota vs. a formula one. Both have 4 tires, a steering wheel, and gas. However, there is a lot more that goes into ensuring the quality of one product over the other.

The same goes for your vitamin product.

Choose wisely.

Let’s Look at The Pros

USANA has an unlimited amount of Pros. Whether you are a believer in nutritional products or not. I can guarantee you, these products don’t care what you believe. They have a role to play and will perform that role of supplementing and feeding your cells with every bit of goodness they have.

So how effective are USANA products? Extremely effective. USANA’s athlete program houses over 4,000 elite, professional-level athletes who choose to take their products. Why?

USANA’s product guarantee. USANA offers selected elite professional athletes an athlete guarantee. USANA products will not contain contaminants that would test an athlete positive in a drug test.

Now that’s a guarantee and the type of product I want in my body.

Where To Buy USANA

USANA Products can be purchased from approved retailers online. You will want to see the Independent Distributor under the Logo on their website and ensure they have a USANA Approved Retailer Number listed in the footer (the very bottom) of their website

Perfect Health Supplements is an Independent Distributor of USANA Health Sciences. ADV-1329

As one of USANA’s leading retailers, we’ve listed some of the most popular and Top Rated USANA Products for you to review below.

Start Your USANA Vitamin Subscription

When you get asked next How effective are USANA Products you can point them in the direction of this article and then swiftly move them to the Vitamin Subscription page.

Vitamin Subscriptions ensure you stay on top of your health regime. USANA ships out your favorite products direct to your address of choice every 28 or 56 days.

You can stop, pause or cancel or vitamin subscription at any stage by calling the toll-free number at USANA in your local region.

You’ll have your own back office account where you will gain full access to USANA’s product range and gain a further 10% off your monthly vitamin subscription should you choose the 28-day delivery option.

Follow this link to get started on your USANA Vitamin Subscription and enjoy everything that USANA has to offer.

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