Find the best food supplements for bones and joints

Food supplements for bones and joints are a great help in providing the nutrients that keep them healthy and strong. Taking care of its good condition is key to improve mobility and flexibility, as well as to enjoy a good quality of life. It also helps to prevent injuries from weak bones, such as osteoporosis, and reduces the risk of fractures and pain now and in the future.

Taking care of yourself today helps you be better tomorrow. But which supplements to choose? Let’s take a look at the most relevant ones and how they help your body.

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Find the right supplements for bones and joints

Collagen, the best known

The body has collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is part of cartilage and bone. But the body cannot always produce collagen at the rate at which it wears it out. In these cases, the solution lies in supplementation.

There are different types of collagen. The best absorbed as a bone and joint supplement is hydrolyzed collagen or type 2 collagen. You can find it in some of the best food supplements at for joint and bone care.

Magnesium and its benefits for the motor system

The benefits of supplements for bones and joints based on magnesium are diverse and important. They help to reduce inflammation of the joints, thus preventing pain and reducing friction and wear. They also contributes to relax the musculature around the joints, so that improves their mobility and helps to reduce pain.

In addition, it improves bone density, helps protect cartilage, and contributes to the natural production of collagen by the organism itself. In addition, taking magnesium with collagen helps the collagen to metabolize better.

Shark cartilage for joint and bone health

Taking supplements of shark cartilage promotes the good condition of cartilage, ligaments and tendons thanks to its tissue regenerative properties. It is also rich in calcium and helps reduce pain associated with diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Chondroitin in food supplement

It is an important component of cartilage. It can be provided to the body in the form of a bone and joint supplement for to improve its hydration and cushioning capacity.

This helps to relieve joint pain and improve mobility, as well as to build and repair cartilage. It also reduces joint inflammation.

Harpagophytum, anti-inflammatory supplement to reduce joint pain

The harpagofito is a plant whose root is used to obtain a supplement with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. By reducing inflammation of joints and tendons, it relieves pain and promotes joint mobility.

Glucosamine, a repairing and collagen production stimulating supplement

The human body naturally contains glucosamine in the areas around the joints. Its function is to provide support for the preservation of the good condition of the cartilage.

Occasionally it is necessary an extra contribution to help care for joints by stimulating collagen production and aiding cartilage repair. It also has anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce the swelling of the joints, favoring their good condition and reducing friction and pain.

Calcium and vitamin D

This mineral and vitamin could be considered as the best supplement for bones and joints. Although they can be taken separately, together are key to optimal bone construction and preservation.

The calcium hardens and strengthens bones. It is part of these and its supply throughout life is key to its good condition, since the body cannot produce it naturally by itself.

The vitamin D is essential for optimal calcium absorption and fixation, helping to prevent osteoporosis problems. In addition, it promotes optimal muscle function, helping to improve joint movement.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

This food supplement for bones and joints may be less well known than others. However, this natural substance is commonly found in joint complexes. It helps to reduce joint pain and inflammation, especially in osteoarthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Moreover, it helps muscle regeneration by contributing to better support the joints, collaborates in the repair of tissue damage, and intervenes in the formation of amino acids and collagen for optimal bone maintenance.

As you can see, there are many options available to take care of your bones and joints, so don’t miss the opportunity to take care of yourself!

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