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If you’re wondering how to improve your memory, you’re right. Developing and strengthening this ability is beneficial at any age. In older adults, to slow memory loss associated with aging. In young and middle-aged adults, for better performance in studies or work and to prevent future problems.

To develop a better memory in a natural way, there are many small actions and habits small actions and habits that you can adopt and incorporate into your life. Let’s see them!

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How to improve memory skills in a natural way

Follow a healthy and balanced diet to take care of your brain

Avoiding deficiencies is key to ensuring good brain function, which is key to developing a better memory.

It includes foods recognized for their contribution to good brain function such as nuts, chickpeas, broccoli, oily fish or pumpkin seeds, along with others rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids.

You should also avoid substances that damage neurons, such as alcohol and drugs. This will help you achieve your goals of improving and preserving your memory.

Take food supplements to improve memory

Supplementation with substances beneficial to memory helps oxygenate the brain, reduce stress and provide micronutrients and minerals that improve cerebral blood flow and optimal activity of neurotransmitters.

Nutrients such as inositol (vitamin B8), essential fatty acids, choline (vitamin B11), zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and taurine help in different ways to enhance brain activity and memory.

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Enjoy quality sleep

The quality night’s rest is key to preserving and reinforcing memory. Insomnia numbs the brain, causes loss of reflexes and favors absent-mindedness.

Any measure you take to improve the quality of your sleep is good for your memory. Simple actions such as following a routine to induce sleep more easily or resting in a cozy environment that helps you sleep better are beneficial to your goals.

Regular physical exercise to improve memory naturally

You’re probably wondering what physical exercise has to do with memory. They may appear to be unrelated. However, the effects of regular physical exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise, on the brain and memory capacity are very relevant.

Physical activity stimulates the production of brain cells and increases cerebral blood flow. Both are essential for a good memory!

Keep your brain active with games, exercises, and other activities

The mental activity helps to strengthen the memory, stimulates the mind and helps to preserve good cognitive functioning. There are a variety of fun activities that you can include in your leisure time and help your brain stay active.

Hobbies such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles or word search puzzles, games such as puzzles or chess and activities such as reading are very positive for memory.

Avoid stress to preserve memory

The stress has harmful effects on different areas of the organism. Among these negative effects is the alteration of the normal basal activity of the amygdala, the functioning of the hippocampus and the medial prefrontal cortex. This alters and impairs various cognitive functions, including memory.

In addition, stress increases levels of cortisol of the organism, contributing to memory loss. To reduce stress you can improve your daily organization, do breathing and relaxation exercises or practice disciplines such as yoga or tai chi.

Train your memory to avoid memory atrophy

There are specific exercises to improve memory that you can do. Some are as simple as reading a news item carefully and then trying to write down the names or dates it mentioned.

Another technique consists of memorizing lists. For example, the capitals of countries, the shopping list or the titles of books on a bookshelf or characters. You can also try memorizing song lyrics or poems.

Routines and organization to improve memory

Lack of organization can lead to stress, which in turn weakens memory. Little organizational tricks and adopting routines will help you avoid distractions and improve your concentration and memory.

For example, following a routine for daily activities, having a suitable place to store everything or keeping an organized agenda.

Following these tips will help you boost your memory and, every time you see progress, it will encourage you to keep up these good habits, so don’t let another day go by!

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