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You wish! Well, you are not alone. If we had to state the most commonly asked question from our women patients, hands down it is “How can I lose weight? Are there vitamins for weight loss?” Everybody seems to hope we are going to offer up that magic pill or that quick and easy solution that will make the pounds melt away. Sorry. No such luck. Losing weight is a process that requires effort.

However, there are many simple things that one can do to help the weight loss process.

First and foremost, make sure your nutritional needs are met properly even if you have been overeating. Just because you have been eating enough calories, that does not mean your body has received the proper mix of nutrients. In fact, the lack of a proper mix of nutrients may be the reason some of us overeat. We are never satisfied, so we keep eating – but our body is still not optimized.

Therefore, before you embark on a sensible weight loss program, consider a multivitamin that is tailored to your specific needs.

If you take the proper nutrients you may find you crave high calorie foods less, and you begin to eat in a more sensible way. Strike the right nutritional balance so that your body can respond more effectively to your attempts to eat smarter. Take our vitamin survey to help determine the right vitamins for your needs.

Additionally, supplementing your diet with nutrients can help restore energy – the lack of which also may be fueling bad habits. When you feel fatigued, run down and tired (which you may feel because you are deficient in things like iron, magnesium or vitamin D), you are much less inspired to be active and exercise to your maximum capacity. Rather, you are inclined to be sedentary and to feed that lack of energy with quick, high calorie fixes. If you correct these deficiencies, you gradually regain the motivation and energy to exercise effectively. Taking the right vitamins for energy and fatigue will allow you to establish a healthy exercise routine that will, in turn, promote weight loss. Consider adding Situational Supplements as needed when planning a big workout.

A quick fix this is not. A vitamin or supplement will not cause you to shed pounds and fit into those skinny jeans again. Rather, taking the appropriate vitamins and supplements can help lead to a more balanced nutritional level which, in turn, can be part of a comprehensive lifestyle remake to get you on a more healthful path. So, yes, there are vitamins for weight loss. Yes, it will take time and effort, but your body will respond to your efforts to eat a more balanced diet. You also will find exercise to be an instrumental part of this journey and a boost to your mental and physical health.

Weight loss that is done methodically, and over time (no more than 1-2 pounds per week) is much more likely to be maintained in the long term.

Remember, you did not gain it that quickly (though sometimes you feel like you did). Crash diets, cleanses and stimulant medications have not been shown to have long term success. They may cause quick shedding of pounds, but that often leads to weight gain once the quick fix is over. Slow and steady wins the race. So, Find Your Vous® to get started TODAY on your journey to better nutrition and health…. Take our vitamin survey to get the right blend of nutrients in an all in one vitamin that suits your needs.

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