The Benefits of MCTs and why You Need Them in your Diet!

Big news: fats are in!

You might have heard keto enthusiasts expounding on the many wonders of MCT, the healthy fat that makes coconut oil such a valuable part of any supplement stack. But MCT is good for just about any athlete or anyone with a fitness goal, not just keto lovers! Here’s what you need to know about MCTs, the super-trendy healthy fat, and why it’s so much more than another fitness trend.

What are MCTs?

MCTs, or “medium-chain triglycerides,” are a type of saturated fat with a unique chemical structure. Unlike other types of dietary fats that you find in your foods, which we call “long-chain triglycerides” and which are made up of 12 or more carbon atoms, MCT molecules are smaller and made up of only 6-12 carbon atoms.

So what exactly does this mean for you? Because MCT molecules are smaller, they’re also more easily digested than other kinds of fats. Since your body can use them so quickly, this makes them an excellent source of fuel!

Benefits of consuming enough MCTs:

– Natural energy: When you eat MCTs, your body converts them to ketones, an alternative energy source that your muscles and brain can use for power. Unlike carbohydrates, which are converted into your body’s preferred energy source called glucose, MCTs aren’t known to mess with your blood sugar levels to cause crashes.

– Brain boost: In addition to fueling your workouts, MCTs may also be good for your brain! Some studies have suggested that MCT supplements may improve cognitive function in a variety of populations including the elderly and young, healthy adults.

– Weight management: MCTs are filling, which can help you with portion control if you are trying to lose weight. Additionally, studies have also found that MCTs have a slight thermogenic effect, which means that they are thought to increase your body’s temperature and burn more calories in the process.

– Heart health: Contrary though it may seem, there’s evidence that this kind of healthy fat is good for your heart! Unlike other kinds of saturated fats, MCTs may help improve both body composition and cardiovascular health.

MCTs vs other fats and energy sources:

MCTs Other dietary fats
Absorbed immediately into the bloodstream and transported straight to the liver for immediate energy. Need to be broken down by the small intestine, which takes more time and may lead to sluggishness after a high-fat meal. 
Very quickly converted into ketones, a sustainable source of fuel for the brain and the muscles. Takes longer to be converted into a usable energy source.
May be more satisfying than other fats, which can control appetite and help with weight management. Not as satisfying as MCTs. 

It’s also worth comparing MCTs to carbohydrates, another one of your body’s favorite fuel sources.

MCTs Carbohydrates
Converted into ketones, which your brain and muscles can use immediately.  Converted into glucose, your body’s preferred source of energy. 
Are not linked to any blood sugar spikes Spikes blood sugar, which can lead to “crashes” 
Keeps you full and has a thermogenic effect, which may help with weight loss Excessive intake of simple carbohydrates is often linked to weight gain. 

However, none of this is to say that you should choose MCTs over other fat or energy sources. For example, studies suggest that your body prefers to use glucose during high-intensity exercises, so being in a state of ketosis isn’t advantageous here. Your body also needs other kinds of dietary fats like omega-3s for general health and wellness.

So a healthy and balanced diet will contain both longer-chain dietary fats and carbohydrates. However, adding MCTs into the mix can optimize your energy levels and be a huge benefit for your health and fitness as a whole.

Getting enough MCTs

MCTs are found mostly in coconut and palm oils, but it’s hard to get enough of these in your regular diet to reap the benefits. So the easiest way to get enough MCTs is through a good high-quality supplement!

SFH makes FUEL with a healthy serving of MCTs in every scoop, so you can get high quality protein and long lasting, stable energy at the same time!

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